British Vintage Boxing and the Henry Cooper estate are delighted to bring you an auction for the opportunity to own this unique piece of British boxing heritage used in the world title fight between Muhammad Ali and Henry Cooper on 21st May 1966.

We are delighted to announce that all proceeds from the auction will be donated to Cavell Nurses' Trust who support UK Nurses, Midwives and Healthcare assistants both working and retired.

Registered charity No. 1160148 and SC041453


On the final day of auction Sunday 28th February we will UPDATE BIDS EVERY 5 MINUTES from 7PM until the closing bid at 8PM. There will be 5 minutes grace from 8PM until 8.05PM to allow for final advances, in the event of an advance we will add another 5 minutes until the auction is resolved.



Current Bid                                        £2,000


Begins 8am GMT 8/2/2021

Ends 8pm GMT 28/2/2021




Authentic round card from the Muhammad Ali v Henry Cooper world title fight 21st May 1966.


Black ink print graphic on coated double ply chipboard. Duplicate graphic on reverse, with paint marks.   



48 cm x 37.5 cm


2.86 lbs 


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Rules of Auction

The auction will commence at 8am GMT 8/2/2021 and end at 8pm GMT 28/2/2021. The winner will be announced on 1/3/2021

Before placing a bid please refer to current bid and ensure you are placing more than the amount displayed. The highest bid will be displayed along with initial and surname.

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Once a bid has been made it will be retained in the event that if the current highest bidder opts out, the next highest bidder will be announced as the winner.

The winner of the auction will be contacted and payment will be taken. The round card and a letter of authenticity will then be despatched by courier to the winner.


Cooper and Ali had two fights, the first a non-title encounter in the 1963, the second for the heavyweight world title in 1966. The first contest in 1963 when Ali was then Cassius Clay (prior to converting to Islam) made at once Cooper a national hero and Clay a household name. Cooper famously dropped Clay with his legendary left-hook in the fourth round, only for Clay to be saved by the bell and arguably some creativity with a torn glove. An argument which still has the boxing cognoscenti debating until this day. Their stars would collide again, only now Muhammad Ali was the champion of the world having vanquished the spectre of Sonny Liston. The fight attracted huge interest, with many feeling there was an argument to resolve. The fight took place on the 21st May 1966 at the Arsenal football stadium, Highbury, London. This time Ali was fully prepared for Cooper's assault and executed a mesmerising performance leaving no doubt as to who was 'The Greatest' with Cooper's face cut to ribbons the referee would call the fight off in the 6th round and with it Cooper's golden dream.

Although he lost both fights Cooper would cement his position in British boxing heritage, seen by many as the patron saint of modern British heavyweights. A winner of three Lonsdale belts outright, holding the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles from 1959-1971 - undeniable testament to his pedigree as a fighter. A consummate gentleman outside the ropes his brand of decency and integrity won him fans beyond the confines of the squared ring, his legacy continued today with British Vintage Boxing. Having passed away in 2011 Cooper's was a life which brought dignified validation to the time-honoured notion of boxing a noble art.

'A life which brought dignified validation to the time-honoured notion of boxing as the noble art'

Discover more on the life and times of Sir Henry Cooper via our blog page, and a closer inspection of the Cooper v Clay (Ali) 1963 fight here. As official licensee for Cooper apparel we will be launching a new range of heritage inspired t-shirts the first week of April 2021.

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