Ringside, Rest and Care

Our chosen charity for our upcoming pop-up shop is Ringside, Rest and Care, help up raise funds and awareness to help disenfranchised ex-boxers in their time of need. A percentage of our pop-up shop sales will go towards this noble project.


Their aim.

For many years concern has been expressed for the countless boxing personnel who find themselves suffering from depression, alcohol dependency, injuries and illnesses attributed to boxing. Ringside Rest and Care hope to change the way we care for our boxing fam
ily. The vision for the home is to include medical help, facilities for ex boxers to be cared for both short and long term, a cinema room for the boxers to watch films of their old fights and a non alcoholic bar where they can sit together and reminisce. There is initial funding in place but the cost of sustaining the home is estimated at £1.5 million per year. Many boxers have entertained us over the decades, and many now need our help in hard times. This is our opportunity to raise funds for the Ringside Rest & Care Home, a fantastic project to establish a thirty-six bed residential care facility which will be of enormous benefit to those who sadly have no means of support in dark times.

BVB pop-up shop in November!


We're please to announce we'll be holding our first ever pop-up shop with our friends at 'The Vintage Showroom'. Come down and experience the brand!


THURSDAY 14th 11am-7pm
FRIDAY 15th 11am-7pm
SATURDAY 16th - 11am-7pm


We're offering a free gift on all purchases across the three days, with a percentage of every sale going to Ringside Rest & Care, a charity set-up with a vision to creating a home for ex-boxers in need.

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New brand partner THREAD.

We are pleased to announce launching with a new brand partner THREAD.COM expert online perosnal stylists, making style simple.


Mesmerising from beginning to end, Ron Peck’s acclaimed 1991 documentary FIGHTERS is a visceral account of East End boxers, honest, gritty and compelling. An audio visual journey into the real life of a fighter - a bare psychographic profile of their inner workings, drive and ambition in what is the toughest of all trades. Taking the fighter’s perspective, Peck immerses the audience in ground-breaking behind-the-scenes footage, exposing the true nature, for the first time, of the fighter. A must-see, for any genuine boxing fan.

Discover more and watch a clip of FIGHTERS here

Go direct to Ron Pecks website here

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Discover the fighting phenomenon that was Ted 'Kid' Lewis.

Gershon Mandeloff. Does that name ring any bells? He was one of Britain’s best ever boxers, but you might know him as Ted ‘Kid’ Lewis. Read more about the fighting phenomenon known as the 'Aldgate Sphinx' contributed by sportswriter Paul Zanon via our blog.

On location in the wilds of Exmoor National Park and north Devon coast.

February 2019 saw British Vintage Boxing collaborate with photographer Chris Boulton and production company Copper Tree Media on his project 'The Getaway' -  capturing the spirit of three lifelong friends getting together on retreat in Exmoor National Park and North Devon coast - a visual storytelling of the special bond that exists between old friends brought to life by models Nick Pearce, Glen Power (inset) and Owain Jones. Other brands on board were; Heritage Landrover of Gloucester, Peregrine Clothing and Blundstone Boots. A blog detailing the 3 day shoot will be available shortly.

New brand partner The Rake.

We are pleased to announce our new brand partner TheRake.com

You can now find us in their expanding sportwear category. The Rake is the modern voice of classic elegance and the champion of discreet luxury, providing the world'd finest luxury menswear and daily editorial.

An ode to bravery.

There are thirty-three bridges that span the river Thames, all with their own stories to tell but it was Hammersmith bridge we turned to as our chosen location for our most recent photographic shoot.


Designed by William Tierney Clark as the first suspension bridge to cross the Thames it was first opened in 1827 at a construction cost of £80,000. By the 1870’s the bridge was no longer able to withstand the heavy loads of traffic and was closed for refurbishment. The current bridge was designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette and rests on the same pier foundations constructed for Tierney Clark's original structure.

It’s not just the industrial nature of the bridge, the steel trusses, giant bolts and wrought iron structure we found visually so emotive it was also the stories of heroism connected to the bridge’s history. One event in particular caught our imagination, near midnight on 27 December 1919, Lieutenant Charles Campbell Wood, an airman in the Royal Air Force dived from the bridge into the Thames to rescue a drowning woman. Although Wood saved her life, he later died from tetanus as a consequence of his injuries. His act of bravery is commemorated by a plaque on the handrail.


In homage to Wood’s bravery and to celebrate the spirit of all everyday champions we invited another fearless Charles to the bridge for a photo-shoot, light-heavyweight boxer Charlie Duffield. A fitting tribute.


Shining a light on British boxing heritage.

British Vintage Boxing offers a warm welcome to guest sportswriter Paul Zanon. Once a month Paul will be contributing a blog article revisting some of the most iconic British boxers of the 20th Century. Read his first installment on Tommy Farr 'The Tonypandy Terror' on our blog page.

Paul Zanon, has written eight books, with almost all of them reaching the No1 Bestselling spot in their respective categories on Amazon. He has co-hosted boxing shows on Talk Sport, been a pundit on London Live, Boxnation and is a regular contributor to Boxing Monthly magazine amongst other publications.

Reworking iconic imagery with Charlie and Harvey.

On our most recent shoot we collaborated with British boxers light-heavyweight Charlie Duffield and super-flyweight Harvey Horn. We wanted to capture a visual homage to retro images of old school fighters John Conteh and David Pearce out on their morning runs in the 1970's and '80s, exploring the drive behind the dream.

Click the image to read the blog, and discover the contemporary take on these iconic images from the past.

New Arrivals!

This season sees a new collection of sweatshirts and jogging bottoms added to the British Vintage Boxing range. All of our new sweats are made from a premium Jaspe marl brush back sweat fabric. Jaspe marls are made by dying a number of yarns then twisting them together before knitting to give a unique vintage appearance.


Introducing the Bombardier crewneck sweatshirt – an ode to the great boxer ‘Bombardier’ Billy Wells, British and British Empire champion between 1911-1919. This latest sweatshirt has been given a raglan sleeve, side panel, stitched eye-lets, two- tone ribs and contrast top-stitching - newly added authentic features – inspired by old school sweatshirts, couched within a modern cut for an optimum fit.


To create our Navy and Khaki colours we have over-dyed the grey Jaspe marl retaining the texture of the marl. This collection has a mix of graphics, embroideries and sewn on patches. On the sleeve we have added a BVB regal crown monogram logo, which throughout history has been traditionally representative of power, honour, glory and triumph.


The Bombardier jogging bottom like the sweatshirt is another contemporary take on a classic staple, we have added a ribbed cuff inspired by heritage sweat pant detailing whilst still retaining a modern feel in silhouette. Eye-lets below the pocket add a further subtle nod to the past.

We're working on your greatness.

During the summer we've been busy designing a new sweat range - raglan sleeve crew-neck sweatshirts and cuffed jogging bottoms in premium super-soft jersey fleece will be available in three marl colour-ways; grey, navy and khaki - arriving by the end of October 2018. Also look out for our collectable embroidered patches celebrating the rich boxing heritage of Great Britain.

In an age when the appetite for fast fashion grows we want to create the opposite, instead crafting premium garments that resonate with our values, passion for boxing heritage and classic sportswear. We look for the magic that exists between retro and modern, combining authentic vintage details with modern tailoring and quality materials.

Design inspiration comes directly from our vintage archive of fight programs, posters, boxing gear, sweaters, joggers and retro colour palettes - for manufacturing and fabrics we use a family run business in Europe, known for it’s outstanding jersey traditions – together we've produced the range you see today, well-made, stylish and versatile just like you :-) so let's start working on your greatness...

A look behind the Prince of Tears, Baxter Dury.

We caught up with London based Indie musician Baxter Dury, son of the late much loved British music luminary Ian Dury. We wanted to find out the secret behind the success of his much acclaimed new album Prince of Tears, why he chose a boxing narrative for the video to the title track and how he stays in shape during relentless touring with band. Read the full interview click here.

Interview with Henry Marco Cooper

We spoke with Henry Cooper’s son Henry Marco Cooper to get a few insights into his childhood, being the son of a famous boxer and his involvement with British Vintage Boxing.

To read the full interview click here.

Everyday Champions

#BVBChampions. We visited Jerry 46yrs from London, a music producer, avid boxing and fitness enthusiast. We wanted to delve into Jerry’s daily routine and shed some light on how everyday champions manage their fitness goals. 

For the full interview click here. If you want a challenge, try Jerry's workout click here.

To watch  a clip of Jerry on the pads click the image - or click here

The Prospect - 'Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood'

On Sunday 4th Feb BVB collaborated with exciting young British Cruiserweight boxer Mikael Lawal to form part of our most recent campaign -  The Prospect. The campaign seeks to combine the past with the present to capture the eternal nature of spirit, courage and determination - keeping dreams alive and discovering your inner champion. A personal journey of transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary - a reminder to stay #RelentlesslyValiant in your pursuit for greatness, like all those who came before us.


Mikael pictured here wearing a BVB t-shirt - an ode to the past crafted for the future.

Video The Prospect is now ready for viewing on the homepage

Feedback From The Highlands.

British Vintage Boxing hits the cobbles running in Glasgow with 'The Gentleman Select'! Read the full article.

Our first shoot was inspired by a combination of early Henry Cooper archive images and photographs of Muhammad Ali’s second visit to London in 1966 defending his world title against Cooper. Muhammad, his brother Rahman and sparring partner Jimmy Ellis were seen doing their daily roadwork drills in and around the streets of London’s West end and parks. Retracing their hallowed steps our intrepid team began the shoot at Piccadilly Circus at 6.30am, then swung over to Constitution Hill, eventually ending in Hyde Park - the exact route taken by Ali and his entourage. We wanted to re-invigorate these iconic vintage images with our own BVB brand spirit, echoing the shared values of these hard working sporting heroes underscored with a very British backdrop. A great (very early) morning was had by all.

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