November 2019 saw BVB launch it's first pop-up shop in central London with our friends at The Vintage Showroom. Over the three days we felt privileged to finally meet our customers in person and to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience the brand first hand. It was great see industry faces, our team of 'everyday champions' along with the Cooper family in attendance.


We look forward to seeing you at our next pop-up shop event in April 2020, until then embrace your old-school fighting spirit and stand firm, salute! Sign-up to keep updated!




Our chosen charity for our upcoming pop-up shop is Ringside, Rest and Care, help up raise funds and awareness to help disenfranchised ex-boxers in their time of need. A percentage of our pop-up shop sales will go towards this noble project.


Their aim.

For many years concern has been expressed for the countless boxing personnel who find themselves suffering from depression, alcohol dependency, injuries and illnesses attributed to boxing. Ringside Rest and Care hope to change the way we care for our boxing family. The vision for the home is to include medical help, facilities for ex boxers to be cared for both short and long term, a cinema room for the boxers to watch films of their old fights and a non alcoholic bar where they can sit together and reminisce. There is initial funding in place but the cost of sustaining the home is estimated at £1.5 million per year. Many boxers have entertained us over the decades, and many now need our help in hard times. This is our opportunity to raise funds for the Ringside Rest & Care Home, a fantastic project to establish a thirty-six bed residential care facility which will be of enormous benefit to those who sadly have no means of support in dark times.