Shot on location in East London at the Three Compasses Pub


If you find yourself in the depths of East London, check out the 'The Three Compasses' pub; a boozer oozing with old-school authenticity and East End tradition, the perfect pitstop for our latest shoot. Boxing, pubs and the East End occupy a special place in the history of British boxing and the hearts and minds of the local communities they served. Boxing gyms would often be found above public houses, the Thomas A' Becket pub on the Old Kent Road being one of particular note. Climbing the stairs, the whirring of skipping ropes would grow louder, inaudible shouting would form into coherent boxing instructions and if you'd visited during the 1950's or 60's you'd most likely have caught a glimpse of Henry Cooper in training camp readying himself for battle with his brother George close by.

We brought our everyday champions along to re-engage with this spirit of yesteryear and to showcase our latest washed black sweat range. The 'Boxers Battalion' sobriquet (in appliqué lettering on sweat) is a nod to Henry Cooper and his time in the 4th Training Battalion Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) often referred to as the 'Boxers Battalion'. We leaned back on the simple retro sporting aesthetics of the 1960's for inspiration, blending them forward with BVB's signature style, crafted for the dedicated everyday champion. 

A great squad on the day included special guest Johnny Fisher, one of the rising stars of British heavyweight boxing and an absolute gentleman to boot.

A big thank you also to Solovair and Lanx Shoes shoes for collaborating on the shoot.


Photography and retouch by Chris Boulton

Videography by Pete Moore


Models: Jacey Elthalion, Johnny Fisher, Glen Power and Nuakai Aru.

Collaboration on the shoot:

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