British Vintage Boxing (BVB) founded in 2017 is a brand born of passion and experience. Reimagining men’s heritage staples through a modern lens, inspired by and stylistically capturing the zeitgeist of pivotal decades throughout British boxing history.

BVB explores the intersection between vintage and modern, style and function, creating garments that are everyday yet aspirational. Where old-school boxing gym meets sartorial cross-over into affordable, luxury casual wear.


We champion integrity, courage, brotherhood and the journey to personal triumph like the great champions of past, distilling these values into a single voice, British Vintage Boxing.


Central to the brand’s DNA is the legacy of British boxing hero, Sir Henry Cooper, remembered for his contest with Muhammad Ali in 1963 yet more widely appreciated for his geniality and generosity. Partnering with his estate since 2017, we honour and celebrate this gentleman for his effortless style, dignity and embodiment of the noble art. Together we reinvigorate a golden era, leaning back on the simple retro aesthetics of the 1950’s and 60’s, blended forward into modernity with BVB’s signature graphic style and design.


​We are open to all and exclusive to none. Made by everyday champions for everyday champions.




Our design team have had many years of experience in the design and development of menswear apparel ranges. They have a passion for authenticity and quality and have worked with manufacturers around the world to ensure everything they do encompasses this.  BVB are committed to sourcing as much as possible from UK manufacturers, reflected both in our trimmings and packaging.

Currently BVB works with factories in both Turkey and Portugal, selected for their manufacturing expertise, history working with sweats fabrics and ethical standards, all making for a winning combination in producing the highest quality garments.


All of our fabric bases have been crafted especially for the brand, dyed with bespoke BVB colours, vintage washed and finished with vintage detailing from our sportswear archive.




The Bombardier range is inspired by the great ‘Bombardier’ Billy Wells, British and British Empire champion 1911-1919.


Features of the Bombardier sweatshirt reflect the technology of early generation sweatshirt design. The classic ‘V’ panel (introduced to draw sweat away from the chest and maintain the integrity of the collar), raglan sleeve, under-arm eyelets for ventilation, side-panels and reinforced stitching to withstand the rigors of exercise and daily life. Deep ribbed, extended cuffs and hem retain character and authenticity, all housed within a modern cut for optimum fit and comfort.


The Bombardier offers designs in both 100% brushed back cotton and loopback cotton (loopback being the term used to describe the type of knit that features loops on the underside of the fabric. Having the loops on the back of the fabric was originally designed in early sweatshirts to absorb sweat from the body and pass it into the sweatshirt to keep you cool). Designs vary from graphic and flock prints, appliqué, embroidered patches and Goldwork badges.

Bombardier jogging bottom like the sweatshirt is another contemporary take on a classic staple, we have added a ribbed cuff inspired by heritage sweat pant detailing whilst still retaining a modern feel in silhouette. Eye-lets below the pocket add a further subtle nod to the past.

Authentic boxing sportswear










The Queensberry 1963 range is at once an ode to Henry Cooper's clash with Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) in 1963 and a celebration of boxing's Queensberry Rules, boldly embellished with the BVB 1963 logo. Presented in two-tone, sporting grey marls, vintage detailing retains identity while the modern cut brings these garments into the present day - sweatshirt and jogging bottoms are crafted in super-soft brushed back fleece for optimum comfort and fit. The name Queensberry is inspired by The Marquess of Queensberry rules 1867, the code of rules on which modern boxing is based and the first to mandate the use of boxing gloves.