BVB is a distinctive boxing inspired classic sportswear brand that celebrates authenticity and proudly displays its British character - with an emphasis on creating stylish and practical garments that are everyday yet aspirational. We champion integrity, courage, brotherhood and the journey to personal triumph like the great champions of past, distilling these values into a single voice, British Vintage Boxing.


Individually, in various capacities, the British Vintage Boxing team have fostered a deep connection with boxing over the years - collectively we share a single vision, to craft quality boxing sportswear for the discerning modern man, to remain committed to authenticity and to continually explore the interscetion between style and fitness.

Alongside our core offering and as official licensee we are proud to bring limited edition wares celebrating a British sporting icon Sir Henry Cooper. Designs capsule his career of the 1950’s & early 60’s, reworking his effortless understated style with the BVB brand spirit to reinvigorate a golden era. Read more on Sir Henry Cooper.




Our design team have had many years of experience in the design and development of menswear apparel ranges. They have a passion for authenticity and quality and have worked with manufacturers around the world to ensure everything they do encompasses this.  BVB are committed to sourcing as much as possible from UK manufacturers, reflected both in our trimmings and packaging.

Portugal is renowned for its outstanding jersey and sweat fabrics so it was the best place for us to head to when looking for a partner to produce our collection.  Our factory is a family owned business and has been making t-shirts and sweats for the last 25 years, their wealth of knowledge and innovation teamed with Portugal’s great jersey manufacturing traditions made for a winning combination.


All of our fabric bases have been crafted especially for this collection, dyed with bespoke BVB colours, vintage washed and finished with vintage detailing from our sportswear archive.




Our Bombardier collection of sweatshirts and jogging bottoms are crafted from premium Jaspe marl brush back sweat fabric. Jaspe marls are made by dying a number of yarns then twisting them together before knitting to give a unique vintage appearance.


Introducing the Bombardier crewneck sweatshirt – an ode to the spirit of the ‘Bombardier’ Billy Wells, British and British Empire heavyweight champion between 1911-1919. This latest sweatshirt has been given a raglan sleeve, side panel, stitched eye-lets, two- tone ribs and contrast top-stitching - newly added authentic features – inspired by old school sweatshirts, couched within a modern cut for an optimum fit.

Authentic boxing sportswear



To create our Navy and Khaki colours we have over-dyed the grey Jaspe marl retaining the texture of the marl. This collection has a mix of graphics, embroideries and sewn on patches.


On the large and small graphic Bombardier sweatshirt sleeve we have added a BVB regal crown monogram logo, which throughout history has been traditionally representative of power, honour, glory and triumph. Our Bombardier embroidered patch designs acknowledge the rich boxing heritage of Great Britain, detailing significant people and milestones, embellished with all our available patches.

The Bombardier jogging bottom like the sweatshirt is another contemporary take on a classic staple, we have added a ribbed cuff inspired by heritage sweat pant detailing whilst still retaining a modern feel in silhouette. Eye-lets below the pocket add a further subtle nod to the past.

Boxing inspired sweatshirt design








The Grenadier range was inspired by ‘Gentleman’ Jack Gardner, former British and European heavyweight champion (1950-51), who served in the Grenadier Guards, British Army from 1945 to 1951.


The Grenadier loopback short-sleeve sweatshirts are a tribute to the first generation of sweatshirts of the 1920’s, crafted in 100% premium cotton fabric - natural and breathable to keep you cool. An emerised finish ensure these items feel authentically worn and soft. Original vintage features include reinforced stitching, side panels and stitching eye lets for ventilation. The medium weight of the fabric and cut-off sleeves makes for easy wearing in any situation, both for sport and lifestyle.


The first Crewneck sweatshirt was invented in 1920 by Benjamin Russell Jr, a collegiate football player for the University of Alabama in an effort to find an alternative sports top to the existing scratchy woollen jerseys of the era, he brought the idea to his father, the founder of Russell Athletic, and the sweatshirt was born. The ‘loops’ in the loopback fabric were originally designed to absorb moisture drawing sweat away from body and into the fabric to keep the body cool. The moniker ‘sweatshirt’ was termed retrospectively in the vernacular as athletes would leave the field in a shirt soaked in sweat.

The Grenadier loopback shorts as with the sweatshirts are crafted in 100% premium cotton. As a tribute to retro boxing short design, a black stripe has been included for an authentic boxing aesthetic.


The Grenadier patch vest is crafted in 100% premium super-soft cotton fabric. Inspired by old school boxing vests, originally characterised by a patch on the front demarcating the team/club of the boxer. We have added our signature British Vintage Boxing embroidered rose patch as a nod to the past.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.51.31.png








The Queensberry sweat range is a re-imagining of old school staples boldly embellished with the British Vintage Boxing logo. Heritage colour ways and vintage detailing retains identity while the modern cut brings these garments into the modern day - sweatshirt and jogging bottoms are crafted in super-soft brushed back fleece for optimum comfort. The name Queensberry is inspired by The Marquess of Queensberry rules 1867, the code of rules on which modern boxing is based and the first to mandate the use of boxing gloves.

Authentic classic sweatshirt from British Vintage Boxing





The Broughton t-shirts are inspired by one of the founding fathers of British boxing, John ‘Jack’ Broughton, a bare-knuckle boxer of the 18th century and the first person to codify a set of boxing rules. This graphic t-shirt range has designs authentically rooted in British boxing heritage derived from our extensive vintage archive. Achieving a perfectly fitting t-shirt is near an impossible task, however we believe we've achieved near enough with this super-soft 100% cotton jersey slim-fit item.