Shot on location in Brighton, East Sussex, England

Everyday ChampionsDay Trip is about reconnection, couched within the familiar, English heritage backdrop of Brighton Palace Pier, we drew inspiration from retro comic strips, old-school boxing imagery and the pioneering, iconic Brit flicks ‘Quadrophenia’ and ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ to create a distinctly British optic in mood and style. The shoot is a nod to the collective, timeless spirit of brotherhood, expressed through the lens of our effortlessly stylish, charismatic everyday champions.

Nuakai Aru

Jacey Elthalion

Charlie Duffield

Sam Webb

Glen Power

The Stuff Of Legends
Product £45.00
Product £45.00


Photography and retouch by Chris Boulton / Assistant Kumani Kidd

Models: Charlie Duffield / Jacey Elthalion / Sam Webb / Glen Power / Nuakai Aru/ The British Bulldog 'Buster'