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British sporting legend Sir Henry Cooper was best known for his two bouts with Muhammad Ali, the first a non-title fight in 1963 when he famously floored the then Cassius Clay, the second for his world title tilt in 1966. Cooper lost both but in the process cemented his place within the hearts of the nation.


Cooper was an archetypal working-class hero, noted as a gracious man who carried himself with dignity at all times. His appeal would transcend boxing into the very fabric of British sporting heritage, culminating with a knighthood in 2000. A great fighter but an outstanding man, Cooper was the epitome of an athlete and a gentleman. Considered by many as the patron saint of modern British heavyweights. 

We are honoured to have welcomed Henry Cooper into the BVB fold, a truly inspirational character and standard bearer for chivalry.



Cooper as the current Amateur Boxing Association (A.B.A) champion represents Britain at light-heavyweight. He loses in the second round to Russian Anatoli Petrov by a dubious split decision, onlookers remark that Cooper has given him a boxing lesson, as does the French judge who awards him the verdict, only for the other two judges, from communist countries, to come down in favour of Petrov.